Family Law

Dealing with the stresses and struggles of a divorce?

Dealing with the stresses and struggles of a divorce?

Divorce and Child Custody.

Let Vance E. Hendrix help you through this tough time. As an experienced family law attorney, Mr. Hendrix will make sure that your interests are being represented at every step in the process. Divorce is an emotional and stressful process that involves custody of children, child support, and the division of the assets of the marriage. It may also involve confirmation of your separate property, the enforcement of a prenuptial agreement, and a name change. Mr. Hendrix will ensure that you are in the best possible position to care for your family while providing legal advice, support, and insight into every decision that you make in the process.

Modification and Enforcement.

Do you need to modify an existing custody or support arrangement? Do you need to enforce a Divorce Decree of Child Support order? Even if you worked with a different attorney initially, Vance E. Hendrix will be able to review the existing Orders and work with you through the modification and enforcement process. 

Prenuptial Agreements.

Are you planning get married, but want to protect your separate property in the event that you later divorce? People don’t realize that marriages end in two ways: divorce and death. If you own assets prior to a marriage those assets are generally your separate property. A prenuptial agreement is designed to protect your separate property assets (and perhaps even the income on those separate property assets) in the event that your marriage ends in divorce or death. Without a prenuptial agreement, all of your property is presumed by law to be community property, and subject to division in a divorce proceeding or a probate proceeding. Contact Vance E Hendrix to discuss whether a prenuptial agreement is appropriate in your case.

Elder Law.

 Elder law covers a broad range of topics. Mr. Hendrix's accessibility and wealth of experience help explain why he is highly referred by his existing clients. He will tailor an individualized plan to fit your needs for the following:
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Advance Directives (living wills)
  • Creation & Funding of trusts


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